16 September 2020


10 a.m. - 11 a.m. CET


The webinar “ESG in oil and gas sector” will be performed by RAEX-Europe together with Sakhalin Energy.


Invited speaker:

  • Andrey Samatov, Head of Corporate Environmental Division of Sakhalin Energy

Topics of the webinar:

  • ESG assessment of Russian oil and gas companies

  • Environmental responsibility of oil and gas companies in Russia and the CIS

  • European investment funds’ strategies for oil and gas companies

  • The future of the Russian oil and gas sector amid the European green economy plan


The webinar will be performed in Russian without translation.


You can register for this webinar at the following link: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEldeirpzwvGNzmxobBJ8VqyWoyuqDQjacP

Topics of the webinar:

  • Russia credit rating

  • Current trends in the Russian economy

  • Results of a survey of members of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce

  • Russia’s macroeconomic outlook

  • Russian regions in 2020

  • Consensus forecast for Russia 2020-2021

Video recording and all materials of this webinar are available at the following link:


List of speakers: 

Denys Anokhov


Rating Associate, RAEX-Europe

Andrey Samatov

Head of Corporate Environmental Division of Sakhalin Energy