According to the valid EU CRA Regulation credit rating agency that intends to make a material change to existing, or use, new rating methodologies, models or key rating assumptions which could have an impact on a credit rating shall publish the proposed material changes or proposed new rating methodologies on its website inviting stakeholders to submit comments for a period of one month together with a detailed explanation of the reasons for and the implications of the proposed material changes or proposed new rating methodologies.

Rating-Agentur Expert RA GmbH will invite the stakeholders for comments and launch public consultations when material changes in its current methodologies will be proposed or when it adds a new methodology.

If the proposed significant changes or new methodologies will be implemented the Agency will immediately inform ESMA and publish on its website the results of the consultation and the new rating methodologies together with a detailed explanation thereof and their date of application. Also it will publish the responses to the consultation except in cases where confidentiality is requested by the respondent to the consultation.

Date Title Consultation document New version of Methodology Status
05.09.2017 Public consultation on changes in the Methodology of assigning credit ratings to regions Please see the Consultation document_PDF

Methodology - Short -Regions - Consultation - PDF

Short-term credit ratings definitions - Consultation - PDF

Open. The consultation was open from 05/09/2017 to 05/10/2017.
Please provide your comments by email or

Please provide your comments within one month after the publication date to the following emails: or

The comments will be published after the closure of the public consultation.